Arches Counselling offers a unique approach to child and family therapy. Our approach utilizes the expertise of the child and or youth collaboratively with the therapist to re-construct a more preferred way of “showing up” in the world. We de-construct the effects, history and sneaky tactics the problem uses to recruit the youth against their best intentions. Tapping into their imagination we use the following techniques to reposition and create a greater sense of agency in relation to the story that is often being told about them.

Family Counselling Sessions: There are a number of creative ways in which more complex dynamics of family tension can be addressed. An exploration of family values, commitments and hopes provides a platform of shared hope from which we can then explore how certain practices have navigated them off course. Safety is at the forefront of consideration when working with multiple members. We work alongside the family to connect with what they hold precious and collectively engage in conversations that are generative of alternative futures. We offer one to one counselling in White Rock

Some of the practices that we use in session. 

Therapeutic letters: There are many different kinds of letters we might use to document your insider knowledge and skills. Sometimes this might look like a comic a poster, letter or collective list.

Outsider witnessing: This is an experiential technique that connects family members to the multiple experiences and stories.

Externalising: This technique is often naming the problem to create a “bird’s eye view” of the situation. This can been depicted, but is not limited to, words, actions, sounds or art.