Elizabeth Nardella, RCC, MSW

Child and Family Therapist

Elizabeth Nardella is a narrative therapist and artist who specializes in bereavement counselling and has over 10 years of experience. Her counselling includes facilitating therapeutic art-based groups and one to one counselling with a focus on a variety of therapeutic practices, which may include journaling, photography and the creative arts. Elizabeth is a life-long learner, a practice which has been passed down from her grandfather and his regard for education, and she shares this passion with others. Elizabeth has a Masters degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work and Masters of Social Work. She presents and teaches internationally at conferences and mental health agencies about children and bereavement.

In her approach to bereavement counselling, she draws on a variety of tools and strategies that stem from narrative therapy to support families through the grieving process. Narrative Therapy is founded on the idea that “The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.” (M. White). Unlike the conventional encouragement to let go of connection after a person dies, the narrative approach supports and acknowledges the continuing bonds between the living and the deceased. Elizabeth works from the idea that relationships are not automatically closed by a physical death any more than they are when a person leaves home for a trip or runs to the grocery store. The stories of the deceased can remain important. Elizabeth promotes keeping connections with loved ones and ensures that the dead will not be forgotten.

Her counselling integrates talk therapy and the creative arts to open doors by exploring the many storylines that occur at any given point along the journey of loss.  As both an artist and an art therapist, she is continually inspired in the way art and creativity can be therapeutic. During a therapy session, we may use some art based exercise; there is no art experience or skill required. All of the art based activities in the session range from using crayons, magazines, pastels to inspire simple drawings, collages, and artwork that express feelings.  

Counselling sessions can be done in a variety of ways to meet your need.

This includes:

• In person at the Arches Counselling Office

• Online using a secure video conferencing software  

Please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@archescounselling.com or 778-512-7300 to book an appointment. 

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