Our Team

Akeiko Rawn, MNTCW

Narrative Therapist & Consultant

I work from a narrative framework which positions you as the expert in your own life. In separating the problem from the person a multiplicity of stories begin to emerge. I have worked alongside children and youth to outsmart the tactics of anxiety, and promote the unique skills of ADHD and provide respectful support to autistic students. I have also worked with children and youth who have experienced complex and recurring trauma to develop identities other than victim and journey through surviving to a new kind of living.


Elizabeth Nardella, RCC

Child and Family Therapist

I hold a Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work from the University of Melbourne in conjunction with the Dulwich Centre. My passion for educating and empowering individuals through narrative and art based practices is seen through my child and family counselling work and mentoring narrative therapists. To continue my educational and professional development I am currently working on My Masters of Social Work. I a member of BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, Registered Clincial Counsellor.


Jonny Morris, RCC

Narrative Consultant

I hold a Master’s degree in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria in British Columbia. I have used my training, especially in the area of narrative therapy, to promote positive change in my community, and beyond at the provincial and national level, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention. I am trained to practice with individuals, groups, and families. In addition to my counselling work, I have long-standing experience as a community facilitator helping coalitions and organizations realize their transformative potential for change.