May 2019: Vancouver, Canada – The Big Narrative Therapy Conference

Graphic Notes and Neurodivergent Youth

April 2019: Trondheim, Norway – The Municipality of Trondheim & The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy

“Narrative Therapy Practices with Neurodiverse Youth: Using Metaphors and Visual Aids to Support Acceptance
and Create Agency”

September 2018: Vancouver, Canada  – The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy 

“The Many Mysteries of My Life – Art Burst”

May 2018: Vancouver, Canada – The Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy

“Neurodiverse Narratives in Therapy”

December 2017: Vancouver, Canada – Van Horne Elementary

“Co-Creating Narratives of Resilience”

July 2016 : Barcelona, Spain –  AETEN – Co-Constructing Bridges of Meaning

“Co-Constructing Classroom support: Turning Down the Volume of Professional Power”

September 2016: Washington, USA – Inspired Ed

“The Triple A’s: Anxiety, ADHD and ASD”

October 2014 – Adelaide, Australia – Dulwich Centre

“Co-Constructing Classroom Support: A Multi Storied Approach”